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Reading: Teachers Researching, Children Designing


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Teachers Researching, Children Designing


Gary Benenson

City College of New York, US
About Gary
A faculty member in the Mechanical Engineering Department, City College of New York.
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The recent AAAS Research on Technology Education Conference (see Cajas, 2000) established both the need for research and some of the directions it should take. There was general consensus among the participants that research needs to focus on what actually happens in the classroom: how teachers teach and how students learn. Research should begin with some conception of the goals appropriate for technology education, and then look for the ways in which these are or are not achieved. Schoenfeld (1998), Lewis (1999), McCormick (2000) and Hennessy & McCormick (1994) also make the case for investigations grounded in classroom practice.
How to Cite: Benenson, G. (2001). Teachers Researching, Children Designing. Journal of Technology Education, 12(2), 56–68. DOI:
Published on 22 Mar 2001.
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