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Reading: A Systems Approach for Developing Technological Literacy


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A Systems Approach for Developing Technological Literacy


Moti Frank

Israel Institute of Technology and Holon Academic Institute, IL
About Moti

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Education in Technology and Science, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, and in the Department of Technology Management, Holon Academic Institute of Technology, Holon, Israel.

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Analyzing the findings of this study leads to the conclusion that a teaching strategy that integrates a systems approach and PBL comprises a valuable tool for developing preliminary technological literacy among students who lack a technology/engineering background. In the context of this study the term “developing technological literacy” refers to the following dimensions: acquiring technological multidisciplinary knowledge, experiencing synthesis and engineering design processes, becoming familiar with the engineering top- down approach, performing cost/benefit analyses, and becoming familiar with the concept of engineering systems thinking, with some principles of project management.
How to Cite: Frank, M. (2005). A Systems Approach for Developing Technological Literacy. Journal of Technology Education, 17(1), 19–34. DOI:
Published on 22 Sep 2005.
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