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Reading: Tubal Cain and All That


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Tubal Cain and All That


Peter Wilkinson

Olds Junior/Senior High School, CA
About Peter
Instructor, Department of Industrial Education, Olds Junior/Senior High School, Alberta, Canada.
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A new journal arrives in the mail and, I'm sorry to say, gets the same treatment as most of the others. That is to say, I quickly skim read for things which might be useful to me, and then finding nothing, file it with the others. ("Useful" at 3:30 p.m. on a Tuesday means something I can incorporate into my lesson tomorrow which will help a kid learn better). On this occasion I find myself more disappointed and irritated with this state of affairs than usual. Mainly this is because it reinforces an impression gathered when I attended my first ITEA Con- ference in Dallas. At that time I circulated madly and spoke to everyone I could pin into a corner, searching for ideas to bring a new relevancy and value to my own program and philosophy. Until the third day it was virtually impossible to find a teacher, a front- line-trenches genuine school teacher. Almost everyone was a "Teacher Educator" and almost all of them were advocating a similar philosophy -- get out of "projects" and into "problem solving" and "technology," as though both of these were new ideas and had not been taught before. "High-tech" was the new wave, with advanced computer hardware and software, CAD systems and robotics, etc. -- things generally far beyond the budget in my school. I heard comments about "turning your paint room into a clean room" and other strange things. I found it altogether very disappointing and somewhat frustrating. Where were the people like me at this ITEA conference? The answer

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Published on 22 Mar 1990.
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