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Reading: Teaching Engineering Concepts in High School Project


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Teaching Engineering Concepts in High School Project


Rodney L. Custer ,

Black Hills State University, US
About Rodney
Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs at Black Hills State University.
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Jenny L. Daugherty

Purdue University, US
About Jenny
An Assistant Professor in the Department of Technology Leadership & Innovation at Purdue University.
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A key development for technology and engineering education is the recent release of the National Research Council 2011 report, A Framework for K-12 Science Standards. While the new directions in science education may trigger concern for some, it is nevertheless important to pay attention to this important development. Another perspective is that this sends a positive signal, validating the value and importance of engineering and design within science education and, by extension, to STEM across the K-12 spectrum. The development of the next generation of science standards will generate considerable activity including curriculum and professional development, as well as some rethinking of science pre-service teacher education. This significant activity within the STEM education community should be of interest to technology and engineering educators. It is important that we be aware and engaged in a variety of ways.
How to Cite: Custer, R. L., & Daugherty, J. L. (2011). Teaching Engineering Concepts in High School Project. Journal of Technology Education, 23(1), 2–4. DOI:
Published on 22 Sep 2011.
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