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Reading: “Doing” Craft


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“Doing” Craft


Richard D. Lakes

University of Connecticut, US
About Richard
A member of the Department of Educational Leadership, University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut.
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Technology educators have distanced themselves from industrial arts practitioners with fashionable messages that deny the usefulness of a handicrafts-based curriculum in today's push for technological literacy. At this time in the evolution of the field, it may be useful to briefly discuss the as- sumptions that once fashioned an alliance between industrial education and handicraft labor. Students might derive a greater understanding of the importance of this connection in project assignments which use the handtools of our artisan heritage, a pedagogical process called “doing” craft.

How to Cite: Lakes, R. D. (1990). “Doing” Craft. Journal of Technology Education, 2(1), 1–4. DOI:
Published on 22 Sep 1990.
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