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Emerson Wiens

Illinois State University, US
About Emerson

Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Technology, Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois.

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The technology teacher education profession has entered a new era not only because of the switch to technology as the knowledge base, but also because of the adoption of the CTTE/ITEA Guidelines by NCATE as the official standards against which all technology teacher education programs seeking NCATE approval will be evaluated. Although the Guidelines are presumed to have a positive influence in shaping these programs, one recognizes that other factors and other groups have, perhaps, an even stronger shaping influence. These would include internal administration and faculty, other accrediting as- sociations such as NAIT, public school teacher demand, and last, but not least, the state certification requirements and entitlement program. The question be- ing addressed by this study is: To what extent are state plans and certification requirements complementing the CTTE/ITEA Guidelines, and to what extent are the states causing deviation from the Guidelines?

How to Cite: Wiens, E. (1990). CTTE/ITEA NCATE. Journal of Technology Education, 2(1), 1–5. DOI:
Published on 22 Sep 1990.
Peer Reviewed


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