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Reading: Technology Education: Prospectus for Curriculum Change


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Technology Education: Prospectus for Curriculum Change


Michael R. Kozak

University of North Texas, US
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Associate Professor, Department of Engineering Technology, University of North Texas, Denton, TX.

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Starr (1988) documents the United States as being in an
          ever weakening global position.  For example, he reports on
          the demand for an increasingly educated and technical work
          force and contrasts this with the supply of high school
          graduates ill equipped for either college or the work force.
          Many Americans find today's rapidly changing world a
          bewildering and alien place to live and to work as they
          intentionally, or unintentionally, recoil from the technical
          means upon which they must rely and try to cope and adapt
          (Bensen, 1991).
                This editorial examines how the United States is
          failing in its attempt to educate and professionally prepare
          our youth.  The critique is followed with a proposed
          technology education teacher preparation curriculum that
          attempts to reflect today's global, technological society.
How to Cite: Kozak, M. R. (1992). Technology Education: Prospectus for Curriculum Change. Journal of Technology Education, 4(1), 65–69. DOI:
Published on 22 Sep 1992.
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