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Reading: Tom Wright's Response to Petrina's Reaction


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Tom Wright's Response to Petrina's Reaction


R. Thomas Wright

Ball State University, US
About R.
George and Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of Industry and Technology, Ball State University, Muncie, IN.
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Reading Stephen Petrina's reaction to my recent JTE editorial was an interesting exercise. The numerous underlines he used and the misinterpretations he communicated caused me some concern. For example, I wondered how Petrina arrived at a statement that I “reluctantly” would accept bio-related and production as curriculum organizers. This statement reflects either a lack of careful reflection on what was written or a hidden agenda by the reactor. Two different systems were suggested for content organizers. Also, the term bio-related did not appear in the editorial and production appeared in an entirely different context.

How to Cite: Wright, R. T. (1993). Tom Wright's Response to Petrina's Reaction. Journal of Technology Education, 4(2), 77–79. DOI:
Published on 22 Mar 1993.
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