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Reading: Technology Education: AKA Industrial Arts


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Technology Education: AKA Industrial Arts


Patrick N. Foster

Ball State University, US
About Patrick

An Instructor in the Department of Industry & Technology, Ball State University, Muncie, IN. The author wishes to acknowledge the assistance of Scott Speaker in organizing early draft of this paper.

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Pullias (1989) identified three viewpoints individuals may take regarding the implementation of technology education. One, which will be referred to as the “revolutionary” position here, proposes “to discard the old and begin fresh.” (p. 3-4). Another, perhaps “evolutionary,” view prefers “to keep part of the old, install part of the new, and ‘ease’ into full implementation” (p. 3). The third position “is to disguise what we have been doing for years and try to make it look like a new curriculum” (p. 3).

How to Cite: Foster, P. N. (1994). Technology Education: AKA Industrial Arts. Journal of Technology Education, 5(2), 15–30. DOI:
Published on 22 Mar 1994.
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