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Reading: Journal of Technology Education: From the Editors


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Journal of Technology Education: From the Editors


Jim Flowers ,

Mary Annette Rose


As a field that has often been subject to elective student enrollment, technology and engineering education is impacted by the perceptions of potential students. In particular, their perceptions about the personal appeal of the field and even future jobs related to that field may impact their enrollment  decisions. This is especially important in a field with gender-skewed historical enrollment. Thus, it is important for researchers and teachers to take snapshots from time to time, and in different locales, of the perceptions of students (prospective, current, and former) so that these perceptions can be used in better crafting meaningful programs and instruction, and campaigns can be launched to dispel myths about the field.

How to Cite: Flowers, J., & Rose, M. A. (2022). Journal of Technology Education: From the Editors. Journal of Technology Education, 33(2), 2–3.
Published on 11 Aug 2022.
Peer Reviewed


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